Intro TBD


  • Graphic of the currently published anthologies
  • Intro paragraph about the group’s anthology process
  • Thumbnail related to the upcoming anthology
  • Description of the new anthology
  • Link to the Call for Submissions


  • All about the podcast (with a cool graphic)
  • A screenshot of the author crew
  • Link to the list of episodes
  • Query (topic ideas or guest star requests

Conventions / Events

  • Picture of Marty/Dave (or Marty/Liz) at Capclave
  • How we sponsor tables at events, with particpants contributing to the cost
  • Organizing events in the future, including book signings, mini-conferences, etc.


  • Intro
  • Picture of DK running a class
  • Link to Workshops page

Writing Exercises

  • Intro
  • Picture of group
  • Link to Writing Exercises page